Sunday, January 29, 2012

Daddy Grizzlies Are Dangerous, Too

A couple of the folks who have read my diatribes against traitor Ron Paul have asked me, "Why is it so personal with you ? What's your deal ?" Well, the answer is pretty easy.

My son.

My son (who will remain nameless for obvious reasons) is everything a father could hope for in a little boy. He plays Little League. He loves comic books. (He thinks we should elect Captain America as president.) Like his father was many moons ago, he's the class clown who hates math. In short, my son is your average little boy who has a frog in his pocket and a smile that would even make an IRS audit seem fun.

And yet, the vast majority of the mutants who follow Ron Paul hate this little boy.

Why ?

Well, that's easy. He's Jewish.

You see, when the Paultards wander around the internet spewing their Jew hating filth, I don't get angry for myself. After all, I'm an adult who's more than capable of taking care of himself. The way I see it, when Paultards attack Jews, they're attacking my little boy, who, at least check, has never harmed a soul. (I can't even get the kid to go fishing with me because he feels bad for the fish.)

How am I not supposed to take this personally ? How am I not supposed wonder out loud why Ron Paul hasn't distanced himself from this vile behavior ? Why should I look the other way ? Because Ron Paul says the magic words of "smaller, limited govenment" (which he's done zilch to promote, by the way), I should pretend that all is well ?

Fat chance. I intend to make sure Ron Paul becomes a meaningless footnote in American history. I will actively campaign against this whack job and his detestable lieutenants with every fiber of my being. I won't stop until Paul concedes and retires to Islamo-Nazi Iran.

Mama Grizzlies aren't the only ones who will defend their cubs. Daddy Grizzlies are pretty darn tough, too.

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