Sunday, January 29, 2012

Daddy Grizzlies Are Dangerous, Too

A couple of the folks who have read my diatribes against traitor Ron Paul have asked me, "Why is it so personal with you ? What's your deal ?" Well, the answer is pretty easy.

My son.

My son (who will remain nameless for obvious reasons) is everything a father could hope for in a little boy. He plays Little League. He loves comic books. (He thinks we should elect Captain America as president.) Like his father was many moons ago, he's the class clown who hates math. In short, my son is your average little boy who has a frog in his pocket and a smile that would even make an IRS audit seem fun.

And yet, the vast majority of the mutants who follow Ron Paul hate this little boy.

Why ?

Well, that's easy. He's Jewish.

You see, when the Paultards wander around the internet spewing their Jew hating filth, I don't get angry for myself. After all, I'm an adult who's more than capable of taking care of himself. The way I see it, when Paultards attack Jews, they're attacking my little boy, who, at least check, has never harmed a soul. (I can't even get the kid to go fishing with me because he feels bad for the fish.)

How am I not supposed to take this personally ? How am I not supposed wonder out loud why Ron Paul hasn't distanced himself from this vile behavior ? Why should I look the other way ? Because Ron Paul says the magic words of "smaller, limited govenment" (which he's done zilch to promote, by the way), I should pretend that all is well ?

Fat chance. I intend to make sure Ron Paul becomes a meaningless footnote in American history. I will actively campaign against this whack job and his detestable lieutenants with every fiber of my being. I won't stop until Paul concedes and retires to Islamo-Nazi Iran.

Mama Grizzlies aren't the only ones who will defend their cubs. Daddy Grizzlies are pretty darn tough, too.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Only Ron Paul.....Ron Paul Is the Only....."

When one chooses to waste his valuable time on God's green (and not to mention cooling) earth by speaking to a Paultard, without fail, the following words will be spoken or typed:

"Only Ron Paul....."

"Ron Paul is the only....."

The above lines are usually followed with an absurd claim, like "Only Ron Paul understands the Constitution!" or "Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who can break Wayne Gretzky's scoring records while teaching Gordon Ramsay how to cook!". (Some of the more hardcore cultists would never take their political savior's name in vain and only refer to the old Jew hater as "Dr. Paul". Yes, that's as creepy as it sounds.) This is always my cue to go into Verbal Assault Mode. To me, nonsensical rambling like this is like Wolverine's claws against Glenn Beck's chalkboard at its best and narcotics-induced insanity at its worst. I can tolerate a whole lot of things, but attempts by a mental deficient to spread vapid propaganda are not among them.

However, today is different. Today, I'm feeling intellectually lazy. In fact, I feel so intellectually lazy that I'm going to lower myself and use Paultardspeak. Ready ? Here we go:

  • Only Ron Paul is mentally ill enough to think Iran should have nuclear weapons.
  • Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who voted to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
  • Only Ron Paul thinks traditional marriage shouldn't be defended by a Constitutional amendment.
  • Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate that thinks 9/11 was America's fault.
  • Only Ron Paul thinks anarchist (and Cindy Sheehan's main squeeze) Screwy Lewy Rockwell is a genius.
  • Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who teamed up with the detestable Bawney Fwank to gut the military under the direction of Reichsfuhrer $oros's Progressivevik minions.
  • Only Ron Paul thinks legalizing heroin and prostitution are Conservative values.
  • Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who's as vile as Mitt Commie and former Obama sycophant Jon Huntsman.
  • Only Ron Paul is willing to be seen with Space Man Dennis Kucinich in public.
  • Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who would not have gone to war with Nazi Germany to "save the Jews".
  • Only Ron Paul thinks accepting money from Stormfront is a good idea.
  • Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate that had his own moonbat newsletter that claimed Mossad bombed the World Trade Center in 1993 and the federal government created the AIDS virus.
Your move, Paultards.........

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I must say, the 2012 Iowa Caucus was magnificent.

ABSOLUTELY magnificent.

You see, the good guys won for a change.

Mitt Commie failed and Jew hater Ron Paul was delivered a staggering defeat.

Now, before we get started, let's get a few things clear. Number one, I don't shill for candidates. I have my favorite candidate and you have yours. In this column, I will never tell you who to vote for. I will always tell you who I think is pond scum (like Mitt Commie, like former Obama syocphant Jon Huntsman, and last, and certainly least, Stormfront candidate Ron Paul), but I will never tell you who to vote for. (You're an adult, I trust you'll act accordingly.) Number two, I am fully aware that the Iowa Caucus is not that big of a deal. There's no need to remind me of that. (If you don't believe me, ask President Huckabee.)

The failures of Mitt Commie were mind boggling. Here was a guy with a campaign budget that was bigger than the GDP of El Salvador, who had been campaigning since John McLame's whimpering defeat in 2008, and has a cable news station (FNC, aka the Fox Neocon Channel) in the tank for him, and has a super PAC to do his hatchet work for him.......and yet........he barely beat Rick Santorum by 8 votes. Yep, you read that right, 8 measly votes. (It should be noted, that until very recently, Rick Santorum's campaign was being ignored by everyone not named Mark Levin and had 68 cents and pocket lint to its name.) Even uglier for Mitt Commie was the fact that he was unable to drive a wooden stake into the heart of nemesis Newt Gingrich's campaign. Despite being carpet bombed by Romney's PAC hatchet men and operatives, Gingrich placed a respectable fourth and lived to fight another day. In other words---Mitt Commie choked.

Meanwhile, in Red Skull Ron Paul's Fourth Reich, the Paultards are in Judenfrei heaven. They think their Fuhrer has won a great victory over the "neocon bankster Zionist war mongers" by placing third. In actuality, this is a resounding, Stalingrad-like defeat for Herr Doktor. See, Iowa laws allow anyone to change their party affiliation at the door of any caucus and vote. So in theory, every liberaltarian, every Green, every 9/11 Truther, every Neo-Nazi, every malcontent, and every so-called "independent" in the state of Iowa could have showed up and dragged the Surrender Monkey's carcass across the finish line. But they didn't. Despite the "money bombs", the "spamming" of polls, the "trolling" of FRee Republic, making pests of themselves on talk shows, and other Brownshirt-like behavior, RuPaul (H/T: Mark Levin) and his flunkies have failed and failed big time.

Let me repeat: No, I'm not shilling for anyone and yes, I know Iowa's not that big of a deal. However, a win's a win and I'll take 'em any way I can get 'em. If you don't win, you can't keep it classy and say things like this: