Monday, August 29, 2011

Why I Despise The RuPaulista SS

There are many reasons not to like Ron Paul's supporters, the RuPaulista SS. Many are neo-confederates who think the Articles of Confederation are superior to the Constitution. Many are neo-Nazis, who conveniently forget that the word "Nazi" is short for National SOCIALIST German Workers Party. (It should be noted that the Nazis themselves referred to themselves as "National Socialists".) Many are vicious antisemites. Many use the word "imperialist" when describing the US.

As sleazy as the above is, there is one big reason I despise the RuPaulista SS: The grand majority of them are sheeple. They are unable to think for themselves. They attempt to tear down any and all who get in their way or criticize Ron Paul or his svengali, Lew Rockwell. The majority of them think the same, act the same, and say the same.

In other words, the majority of them are like the Obama Drones that spread across the US like locusts back in '08.

Just like the Moveon.Dork crowd in '08, the RuPaulista SS of 2011 hangs on their Fuhrer's every word, regardless of how moronic it sounds. For example, if you criticize RuPaul for going on Iran's Islamonazi state-run television station and attacking the United States, most RuPaulistas will tell you (after calling you a "neocon") that such a heinous act was an act of patriotism. It's the same kind of warped behavior that the Obama Drones displayed in 2008. (Who could forget catch phrases like "dissent is patriotic" and "speak truth to power" ?) These people aren't supporters of a political party or a certain candidate. They're a mob.

As Ann Coulter wrote in Demonic:

"Everything else changes, but mobs are always the same. A mob is an irrational, childlike, often violent organism that derives its energy from the group."
[To be fair: The RuPaulista SS has never been accused of violence. I'm sure if you take their bongs from them, things could get ugly, but there are no recorded instances of them being violent.]

In my humble opinion, following any politican blindly is un-American. (Even George Washington had his critics.) For example, I greatly admire Ronald Reagan, but I think his amnesty plan was an utter disaster. (Reagan himself later admitted that it was a horrible mistake.) Does that make me any less of a Reaganite ? No. It makes me more of a Reaganite, since I'm following his advice: "Trust, but verify." The same goes for the glitterati of the Conservative Movement. I'm a big Ann Coulter fan, but I wasn't exactly enthralled with the way she attacked "birthers". I agree with some of what Pat Buchanan says, but sometimes I think what he writes is slop. The same goes for Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Ayn Rand. I'll grant you that it doesn't happen very often, but it does happen. I'm an individualist, first and foremost. I agree because I choose to agree on the basis of logic, not emotion.

Can the 2+2=5 Leftists and the Rupaulista SS call themselves individualists ? Nope.

And that's why I despise them.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Who's Crazier Ron Paul Or His Looney Tune Supporters ?

Ron Paul is a whack job, but are is his cyberstormtrooper supporters even crazier than him ? I report, you make a rational decision.

"I wonder if there is a way to get Dr. Paul's book to Mr. Farrakhan to read. If he likes what he reads we could join forces to liberate all people from the genocide that the elite have planned. Just my two cents."

"I'm not going to castigate you for disagreeing with me, like the Hebrews on here do. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect that.

I was merely quoting Ron Paul. Paul said that Israel has over three hundred nuclear weapons and four other countries in the region also have nuclear weapons. Why can't Iran have them? Ron Paul doesn't fear Iran and neither do I. Ron Paul's political philosphy parallels Pat Buchanan's. Our focus has always been on Pat Buchanan for president. Since Pat no longer has political aspirations we are supporting the Ron Paul candidacy."

"Warmonger Romney has four strapping Mormon sons who wouldn't die for Israel personally in a million years. Heck, they won't even go chill out in the green zone for a couple of months like the ones Palin and Biden are pretending to sacrifice to Moloch. Getting limbs blown off so the poor wittle Iswaelies don't have bad dweams worrying about that mean old existential thweat is for Gentiles, not Mitt and the boys.

Ron Paul will get assaulted by every special interest group in the country, except military vets, who support him more than any other candidate. I figure The Federal Reserve goons will [try to assassinate] or a heart attack if the Hasbarat Media can't do the deed.

Still, Paul is the only sane choice. I'd rather support somebody who could actually help the country."

I'll ask you again, Tea Party Patriots, 9/12 Project, FReepers, and anyone else who is interested in preserving the Republic:
Is this who you stand with, in any way, shape or form ? Did the Tea Party begin to support antisemites ? 9/11 Truthers ? A nuclear Iran ? National SOCIALISM ? McGovernite foreign policy ?
Ron Rupaul and his cyberstormtroopers do not, in any way, shape, or form represent the Tea Party Movement. We don't wear swastika armbands or white hoods.
We are the antithesis of this crap.

A Vote For Ron Paul Is A Vote For Socialism

Some of my regular readers will wonder why I'm wasting my time with Ron Paul. After all, ol' RuPaul is nothing but a piker, and our eyes should be on the prize--- the White House in 2012. This would be a fair assessment----if one only looks at the small picture.

I am fighting for the soul of the Conservative Movement. I'm heading off RuPaul and his cyberstormtroopers at the pass before they irrevocably damage the Movement. If the Conservative Movement is destroyed, all hope is lost. The Republic will not survive. It's that simple. It's that cut and dried.

I'll be damned if I'm going to just sit back and just let that happen. Just like I won't go down without a fight against Chairman Obama and his Democrat Party drones, I'm not going down without a fight against RuPaul and his cyberstormtroopers, either.

See folks, regardless of what you've read about RuPaul, s/he's NOT a Conservative. S/he's NOT a Libertarian. S/he's is nothing but another leftist who seeks to destroy the Republic and the Constitution.

You heard it first, here folks. Ron Paul is a socialist. There I said it! And guess what ? I ain't takin' it back, either. RuPaul is a leftist socialist pig.

You better be able to prove this, Neocon.

Not a problem. As always, I bring facts to the party. You won't find any Chris "I'll Have Another Drink" Matthews-like reporting here. I don't sing it, I bring it.
Let's take a stroll down Memory Hole Lane, shall we ? Check out the video below, and make sure you watch the crawl on the bottom:

Maybe my copy of the Constitution is wrong, but I just can't seem to find the section where Congress has the Enumerated Power to fund crap like a "drop out reduction program" or rehab centers. Now ladies and gentlemen, is that not a redistribution of wealth ? Is that not taking money from Citizen A by FORCE and giving it to Citizen B ? (To be fair: RuPaul was 1000% right about rebuilding Iraq's infrastructure. However, just like I don't want to pay for Iraq's crap, I don't want to pay for infrastructure projects in Galveston, Texas if I don't live in Galveston, Texas.)

The most troubling thing about that video is the fact that RuPaul thinks that the boondoggles he funded in 2009 are "tax rebates". Call me crazy and off my meds, but I'm one of those old fashioned types who believes that a tax rebate occurs when the taxpayer gets to keep the money he slaved away for. The very fact that he used the words "tax rebates" for public spending is telling and rather troubling. It's a clear signal that RuPaul is a collectivist with some serious socialist tendencies.

Another thing that's extremely troubling about this video is the fact that RuPaul seems to believe that Representatives are genies that grant their constituents' every wish. They aren't. We're not a democracy, we're a Republic. Now, I'm not saying Congress should act like dictators like when Nazi Pelosi ran the joint. Representatives should listen to the constituents on national issues, like when the entire nation screamed bloody murder about Obamacareless. However, "build this, gimme that" requests should be ignored since it's corrupt vote buying at its best and Marxism at its worst.

If RuPaul was the Pork King of 2009, it means he outearmarked the following big spender commie rogues:

Nazi Pelosi (S-CA)
Charlie "Taxes ? What Taxes ?" Rangel (S-NY)
Barney Fwank (S-MA)
Anthony's Weiner (S-NY)
Ren N'Steny Hoyer (S-NY)
Pete Starke Naked (S-CA)
Ed Mah-key (S-MA)

If you're outporking these Marxist-Leninists, how on God's green and cooling Earth can you possibly have the nerve to lecture anyone on fiscal responsibility ? Buehler....Buehler.....Anyone ? Anyone ?