Monday, September 5, 2011

Dr. Detestable

There are a lot of things to detest Ron Paul for. He's gotten an endorsement from the $oros-funded Code Pinko. He's a hero to neo-Nazi organizations like Stormfront. He believes in Murray Rothbard's "anarcho-capitalism" nonsense. He's the Pork King of 2009, out earmarking leftist giants like Steny Hoyer, Nancy Pelosi, and Barney Fwank. Needless to say, there isn't a sewer Ron Paul isn't too proud to hunt for food in.

But it gets worse.

Ron Paul thinks America deserved the horror that was 9/11.

From the


“I don’t see Islam as our enemy,' [Ru]Paul said. 'I see that motivation is occupation and those who hate us and would like to kill us, they are motivated by our invasion of their land, the support of their dictators that they hate.'

Regarding 9/11, Paul said that attacks against the U.S. from Middle Eastern groups at home and abroad can be traced to the foreign presence of U.S. troops, as well as America’s relationships with dictator regimes.
Paul referred to a military base in Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam, as a key motivator in the Sept. 11th attacks. Osama bin Laden viewed it as an American desecration of holy land.

'After 9/11, (people said) ‘Oh yeah, it’s those very bad people who hate us,’ but 15 of (the hijackers) came from Saudi Arabia,” said Paul. “One of the reasons they attacked us, is we propped up this Sharia government and the fundamentalists hated us for it.'

The congressman particularly decried U.S.-led bombings in foreign nations, saying that 'almost always those individuals that they are trying to kill did not have any direct relationship' with threats to the U.S."


So in other words, Dr. Detestable thinks that the Islamo-Nazis in the Middle East should steer the foreign policy of the United States.

Let's get a few things clear. There are many parts of American foreign policy I don't agree with. For example, I am firmly against Chairman Obama's Libyan Misadventure. (I still have no idea why we're involved or why we're footing the bill.) I am also firmly against giving any sort of aid to the new Muslim Brotherhood fascist regime in Egypt. I wasn't a big fan of sending troops to Haiti in the middle of two wars for disaster relief, nor was I particularly thrilled with sending troops to Bosnia. To me, these are nothing but foreign policy boondoggles at best, and socialism at the very worst, since it involves the redistribution of wealth from the United States to places that either hate us or have been money pits. I also don't believe in "spreading democracy". I think we should fight wars to win them, not recreate societies. Not one taxpayer penny should go to rebuilding Iraq or Trashcanistan. Personally, I could care less if Iraq or Trashcanistan  ever become functioning democracies. It's none of my business nor is it my problem. The taxpayer shouldn't be on the hook for nonsense like that.

However, despite what Dr. Detestable thinks, these are decisions that We the People get make with our votes. They the Islamo-Nazis don't have a say in the matter. We can't allow ourselves to be bullied by these raving lunatics. In order to survive, the United States must have free reign to do what is in its best interests. If that means going against the UN (which we should not be a member of), so be it. If that means Ali Kaboom gets upset by it, too bad. The United States is a sovereign nation that has the right to do what it sees fit to protect itself and its people.

Freedom isn't free, folks......

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