Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mitt Trotsky And RuPaul: The New Axis of Evil

As has been reported by Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin, there's an alliance of sorts between Mitt Romney (aka---Mitt Trotsky) and Ron Paul (aka---RuPaul, Jew hater Ron Paul, Dr. Demento, Crazy Uncle Ron, Iran Paul, and Dr. Newsletter). In other words, Mittiots like Ann Coulter and Matt Drudge are now marching under RuPaul's Swastika, while Paultards like Screwy Lewy Rockwell are now marching under Trotsky's Hammer and Sickle. (Poland is very, very nervous right now.)

In the past 20 debates, RuPaul and Mitt Trotsky have never had one cross word for each other, while both attacked every Conservative that dared to oppose them. The first victim was Michele Bachmann, and they succeeded in driving the brave CONgresswoman from the race. Next was Herman Cain and Rick Perry. Now, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are being targeted by the blitzkrieg of distortions, lies, and ridiculous accusations that come from the Trotsky and RuPaul camps.

Why would that be ?

From the Washington Compost:


"Despite deep differences on a range of issues, Romney and Paul became friends in 2008, the last time both ran for president. So did their wives, Ann Romney and Carol Paul. The former Massachusetts governor compliments the Texas congressman during debates, praising Paul’s religious faith during the last one in Jacksonville, Florida. Immediately afterward, as is often the case, the Pauls and the Romneys gravitated toward one another to say hello.

The Romney-Paul alliance is more than a curious connection. It is a strategic partnership: for Paul, an opportunity to gain a seat at the table if his long-shot bid for the presidency fails; for Romney, a chance to gain support from one of the most vibrant subgroups within the Republican Party."


Well, there's one theory. Rand Paul, Dr. Newsletter's son and Imperial Senator from Kentucky, has stated that he would be "honored" if he was asked by Mitt Trotsky to become the Veep candidate. Another theory, first proposed by Mark Levin, states that Iran Paul knows the game is over and that an alliance between him and Mitt Trotsky might give him some sort of prime time speech at the Republican convention before he retires to Teheran.

Here's the actual reason: Both are progressives who want to destroy the Conservative Movement probably as much they want to defeat Chairman Obama.

Both Mitt Trotsky and RuPaul have had their problems with Conservative thought. Take a look-see at their attitude toward Ronald Reagan and his Vice President George Bush (Yes, I know neither Bush I or Bush II are Conservatives.) for example:



Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Mitt Trotsky and RuPaul. Neither one is particularly pro-life, and both are extremely weak when it comes to stopping the immoral and evil (yes, evil) homosexual "rights" agenda. These views are basically cultural Marxism, and are calling cards of the Progressivik Horde. Of course, there are the matters of Romneycare(less) and RuPaul's McGovernite foreign policy, which are also anti-Conservative (and not mention, un-American), but enough electrons have died needless deaths on that crap. We all know both Romneycare(less) and RuPaul's foreign policy are waaaaaaay outside of the boundries of Conservative thought, regardless of what Tokyo Rove and Pat Pukechanan would have you believe.

Back when Glenn Beck was still cool (and not attacking Newt Gingrich for stupid reasons) he would compare the state of beloved Republic with the Weimar Republic. It turns out that Beck was right. We have become the Weimar Republic. Just like the Weimar Republic, we have the Marxists (Chairman Obama and his drones), the Nazis (RuPaul and his Brownshirts), and the Socialists (Mitt Trotsky and his Useful Idiots) vying for power. Well, that didn't end well for the Weimar Republic, and it won't end well for us, either, if we allow this new Axis of Evil to continue to beat down Conservatives.

God help us all.

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